World of Warships Service Record Levels

Starting out in World of Warships you have a service record level of “1” that you need to level to unlock features of the game.  Currently there are 12 service record levels and each slowly unlocks portions of the game to help players learn the game little by little.  Along the way you also can receive rewards of free experience, credits, and premium time.  This World of Warships service record levels guide will go over what each service record level unlocks and rewards.

World of Warships Service Record Levels Guide

Service Record Level 1


Starting at level 1 you only have access to co-op battles that pits you and other players against computer controlled bots.  See this as a “tutorial” since you will quickly get past the first few service record levels in a handful of battles.

Service Record Level 2


At service record level 2 you unlock the tech tree and are also able to upgrade modules on your ship.  You also gain a boost of 200,000 credits which gives you a nice boost to start the game out with.  PVP battles come up next at service record level 3 which will significantly increase your experience/credit gain compared to co-op battles.

Service Record Level 3


Finally random battles(PVP) is unlocked which is more challenging than co-op and the rewards are much higher.  Another credit boost comes you way with 300,000 credits to get your ship ready to face other players instead of computer controlled bots.

Service Record Level 4


Adding daily missions provides you an opportunity at receiving credits, free experience, etc. at service records level 4.  You also gain another credit infusion of 500,000 to keep up with the rising costs of modules and new ships.

Service Record Level 5


Adding another element to the game(and part of the free to play model) is free experience that is revealed at service record level 5.  You should save the 3,000 given to you and only use free experience to skip past the stock configuration of new ships.

Service Record Level 6


At service level 6 you unlock upgrades and also receive 1,000,000 credits(since upgrades are expensive).  Previously you had no idea that your enemies could mount upgrades to further increase their ships capabilities while you were stuck having no access to them.  Until you reach tier 5/6 you should probably not buy any upgrades since they are expensive unless you plan to keep the ship.

Service Record Level 7


Oddly at service record level 7 ship commanders are unlocked which allows you to research captain skills.  You also gain a 1,500,000 credit package to help you keep up with ship costs since they cost a ton of credits as you start pushing into mid tiers.  To learn about captain skills check out the captain skill guide found at the link below.

Service Record Level 8


Signal flags are unlocked at service record level 8 which provide small boosts to your ship.  You can earn them from reaching certain goals in each battle and/or buy them in the gift shop occasionally.  You also gain 1 day of a premium that starts once you unlock level 8 so plan accordingly.

Service Record Level 9


Moving onto service record level 9 you unlock camouflage and also receive 2,000,000 credits.  In the grand scheme of things camouflage isn’t worth equipping outside of higher tiers and is a way to suck credits from your account.  Wait until you are comfortable with your credit situation before equipping it regularly.

Service Record Level 10


Once again you get a free day of premium time at service record 10 so plan accordingly so that you do not unlock it when you are about to log off.  This time you unlock missions and challenges that might be the real reason why you picked up World of Warships.  Missions and challenges often reward free premium ships, ARP anime ships, experience boosts, credit boosts, and are frequent in World of Warships.  Unfortunately before service record level 10 you do not have access to them and you will need to roughly get to tier 4/5 before unlocking it.

Service Record Level 11


At service record level 11 you get another large boost of credits tallying in at 3,000,000 credits.  The main unlock for this level is ranked battles where you can participate in ranked seasons and fight against players similar in skill to you after you climb in rank.  Ranked battles reward players with rewards such as special flags, signal flags, credits, experience, and occasionally premium ships.

Service Record Level 12


The highest service record currently in World of Warships is level 12.  You get another 3,000,000 credit package to get you on your way for team battles.  Team battles allows you to create teams, join teams, or play as a”free agent” and is more competitive than ranked battles.  Since it is team focused it is great for clans, friends, or a group of players looking to make a name for themselves.

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