World of Warships Do’s and Don’ts

Being an online competitive game World of Warships can be difficult to pick up for players unfamiliar with how the game plays and can make a lot of mistakes in the process.  If you have played World of Tanks or World of Warplanes you will see a resemblance in World of Warships in how battles play out and some tactics do carry over.  On the other hand World of Warships can be completely different than say World of Tanks and knowing simple do’s and don’ts will help you.

DO: Always keep moving and never stop for any circumstance.  A stationary ship is a dead ship not only for large battleships but also for destroyers.  Not only does it make it harder for enemy ships to hit you with their guns but it also makes it harder for torpedoes and dive bombers to hit you.

DON’T: Focus to heavily zoomed in on enemy ships and forget where you are sailing to since where and how you move is just as important as outputting damage.  Always keep an eye on the mini-map for terrain since running aground will either lead to your death or see you taken out of the fight for a significant time.

DO: Stick together in groups to maximize your anti-air capabilities and to gain a numerical advantage against your enemies.  Some faster ships are good to use their speed to spot ahead or to set up torpedo runs, but always have the greater plan to work with your teammates.  Even the toughest battleship can be torn to shreds if it is outnumbered and every ship class has a strength and weakness.

DON’T: Avoid colliding with not only your allies but also your enemies under most circumstances.  Ramming a friendly ship will do reduced damage compared to enemies but it will lead to you damaging both ships and slowing both of you down in the process.  Colliding with an enemy ship causes massive damage and damage is calculated based on displacement.  It is not worth colliding with an enemy ship unless you are very close to being destroyed since otherwise you are just setting yourself up to cause a ton of damage to yourself.

DO: Move out of playing against AI as soon as you can since you earn more experience and credits playing against other players.  AI battles are good to learn the basics for the first handful of games but after that PVP is more challenging while also giving you more rewards.

DON’T: Fire your torpedoes at the beginning of the game or at distances longer than their maximum range.  Each torpedo has a maximum range and it is useless to fire them if you are not sure enemy ships will be crossing their path and especially at early tiers the torpedo range isn’t very far.  You also run the risk if you fire them at the very beginning of a match to potentially hit your allies or to cut off key routes for them to take.

DO: Aiming at the waterline of the ship underneath turrets, under main tower(citadel), and at the center of the ship will cause more damage than less important areas.  World of Warships is not like World of Tanks and you the damage caused is based not only off the ammunition type but also where you hit a warship.

DON’T:  Avoid relying on the AI controlled option to fire your torpedo bombers since they will often miss or give the targeted ship the chance to dodge them.  Learn how to manually adjust where the planes drop the torpedoes, the angle of attack, and when they drop them.

DO: Learn when to use AP and HE effectively.  High-explosive(HE) rounds are good for causing fires, damaging ships you cannot penetrate, and for crippling a ship by damaging modules.  AP shells do more damage if you can penetrate the ship in question, however if you over penetrate a poorly armored ship you will do less damage than using HE rounds.  For most engagements use HE against ships at very long range to cause fires by hitting the deck/turrets and also against poorly armored ships like destroyers.  Use AP against battleships/cruisers you can penetrate and at ranges where you can assure your rounds will be hitting the ship at the correct angle(not raining down from above the ship).

DON’T: Like World of Tanks, World of Warships has capture zones that depending on the mode serve different purposes.  Unlike World of Tanks these capture zones often play a more important role and can greatly influence whether you win or lose.  In a standard battle it is important to not leave your base unprotected if your team loses a flank since it takes much longer to turn around and return to base in World of Warships.  In the domination type match it is important to at least have one capture point since without at least one your team will almost certainly lose.  Having two increases your chances to win but isn’t crucial to have if you can destroy all enemy warships in a timely matter.

DO: Especially for battleships that often have long reload times, learning how to steer your ship between salvos to minimize the chance of you being hit from incoming fire.  Cruisers and other ships can also change course between salvos but you have to be more aware of how far your turrets can rotate to keep you guns on the enemy.  In World of Tanks you angle your tank to increase the effective armor of specific areas of your tank.  In World of Warships you steer your ship and change courses slightly left/right after you fire and more importantly just as your enemy is firing.  Often times engagements are at long range and by changing course it makes it very difficult to hit your warship and you can dodge many incoming rounds this way.  By turning it also can possibly reduce your profile by taking a very large side profile and turning it into a narrow rear/frontal profile that is harder to hit.

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