World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes

Torpedoes in World of Warships cause a massive amount of damage per torpedo compared to most penetrating hits caused by main battery rounds.  Not only do torpedoes cause a lot of damage but they also travel fast in most cases and are concealed until the last few crucial seconds.  Spotter aircraft and other ships can detect torpedoes earlier to help you judge their trajectory but often times they surprise you unless you are aware of the enemy destroyer’s location.  All of this can be difficult to always master especially when playing a slow turning battleship and often times one torpedo salvo can ruin your match.  This World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes guide will help you with most scenarios that involve an enemy destroyer firing their torpedoes based off of the auto-lead indicator.

World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes

Mid Range Fired Torpedoes


Most of the time you encounter torpedoes they are fired from mid range destroyers that are often over 5km away and under 12km.  Usually torpedoes fired around this range is unable to be avoided completely unless you already have your rudder turned in a specific direction.  If that is the case then continuing to turn in that direction until you are pointing directly away or towards where the torpedoes were fired is your best bet to minimize damage taken.  Most destroyer captains fire their torpedoes based on the auto-lead indicator that shows your current path and very few fire them based off of where they think you will turn after their torpedoes are fired.  The good news is for the ones using the auto-lead indicator you can dodge the majority of their torpedoes.  For the few captains that try to out smart you by firing torpedoes based off of where they think you will turn you have less of a chance to dodge most of the torpedoes.

Using the image above the left side shows what a typical torpedo spread looks like when a destroyer fires them using the auto-lead indicator based off of your current path.  If you fail to turn before the torpedoes are spotted just seconds from hitting you then you will most likely be hit by 75% or more of the torpedoes.  In the upper right hand corner it shows you what turning away from torpedoes fired at mid range will most likely lead to as often in a battleship you cannot turn fast enough to avoid being hit by most of them.  This is due to the poor maneuverability of battleships, the long length and that torpedoes travel faster then battleships in almost all cases.

Moving onto the bottom right view it shows you what turning into torpedoes will do if you start to turn just after a destroyer fires them off.  By turning into them you slow your ship down and take more of your ship out of the torpedo spread by not turning away.  You will still most likely be hit by at least 1 auto-aimed torpedo but the damage is minimal compared to other options.  To maximize the chance of dodging make sure you do not turn to much since this will cause the stern of the ship to swing into the torpedo spread.  Another benefit is that you are able reduce the distance between you and the destroyer and put them on the defensive.  Attacking a destroyer head on usually isn’t a battleship players first choice but if you survive the first torpedo spread then you are just setting yourself up for endless torpedo waves by turning away and not facing the problem directly.

World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes

Close Range Fired Torpedoes

If a destroyer gets closer than 5km to you and fires torpedoes there is little you can do afterwards to avoid taking a massive blow from them.  The only way to minimize damage is by preemptively turning away from a destroyer in this scenario.  Unlike ranges over 5km you have no chance at turning in a destroyer and surviving at this short distance since any destroyer is capable of simply turning to zip past your broadside where your main turrets are not facing.  The result is taking a ton of torpedoes and not being able to fire back.  By trying to turn away before this happens you slightly prolong your life and it makes the destroyer more likely to peel off from you instead of zipping past you.

World of Warships Dodging Torpedoes

Long Range Fired Torpedoes

Torpedoes that are fired at very long ranges often are found from tier 8 through tier 10.  The best case scenario for you is that an aircraft or friendly ship spots them for you well before they are close to your ship.  In any event you want to either turn directly towards where they were fired or directly away from the torpedoes.  Since they were fired at very long range you typically have enough time to turn completely and thus avoid taking any damage.  In most cases if it is a single destroyer or a weaker force turning into them allows you to put pressure on the destroyer.  By continually backing off from a destroyer that isn’t backed up by a superior foe you just set you and your team up for taking massive damage from lucky long range torpedoes.

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