World of Warships Captain Skills Guide

A highly skilled captain in World of Warships can be the difference between you excelling in a battle and being outclassed by your opponents.  This World of Warships captain skill guide will go over each captain skill currently available and whether or not it is worth it to select for your captain.  Since captains can only train a maximum of 19 points worth of skills it is important to select them wisely since changing them will cost you precious doubloons/gold.  The way skills are designed in World of Warships is that a tier 1 skill costs 1 skill point, a tier 2 skill 2 points, and so on.  To reach the higher tier skills you need to acquire at least one in the previous tier before it.  The total amount of captain skill points a captain can have is 19 and any remaining experience turns into “elite xp” that can be used on other captains.

Each captain skill in the images will have a color indicator stating as to whether or not the captain skill is useful on a ship class.   In the written guide each ship class is labeled accordingly…..TDD= torpedo destroyer, GDD=gunboat destroyer, CL=light cruiser, CA=heavy cruiser, BB=battleship, CV=carrier vessel.  Since Captain skills are broken down into endurance, attack, support, and versatility groups this guide will follow that basic structure.  This World of Warships captain skills guide is also updated periodically to reflect the most recent changes to captain skills.

Endurance Captain Skills

Priority Target (1 Skill Point)


(Shows # of enemies pointing main guns at you when detected)

The only class that would benefit from using this captain skill would probably be battleships.  Honestly you are better off selecting a different captain skill since it doesn’t improve the performance of your ship and you can use your eyes to guesstimate the number of enemies pointing at you.

Preventative Maintenance (1 Skill Point)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB)

(-30% to the risk of incapacitation of modules)

This captain skill is useful for every ship class since it reduces modules being knocked out.  Carriers however don’t benefit from it much since there are aircraft specific skills better suited for 1 skill point.  Other ships however, especially battleships and destroyers, benefit greatly from losing less modules.

High Alert (2 Skill Points)


(-10% of reload time of the Damage Control Party consumable)

This is a battleship specific skill since not many non-battleships have access to this consumable.  High Alert can be useful on battleships expecting to take a ton of damage and those capable of holding up under sustained fire.  For cruisers with access to damage control party it is better to take another captain skill at this tier.

Jack of All Trades (2 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB)

(-5% of reload time of all mounted consumables)

Jack of all trades is useful to all ship types outside of aircraft carriers.  Reducing the reload on all mounted consumables provides a sweeping boost to your survival in a fight.  This skill is most useful on battleships and cruisers.

Basics of Survivability (3 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB  –  CV)

(-15% of time of repair, fire extinguishing, and recover from flooding)

Basics of survivability is great at increasing your chances of surviving under a ton of fire.  Since it reduces the time to repair, fires, and flooding it usually is most useful on battleships and heavy cruisers who have the large health pools.  Aircraft carriers can benefit from this as well if you play it more towards the front lines but generally it won’t come into play every battle.  For destroyers and light cruisers while this skill helps often times it won’t benefit you much.  If you are under tremendous incoming fire usually you’ll be destroyed with or without this captain skill.

Survivability Expert (3 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –   CL)

(+350 of HP for each ship tier)

Surprisingly this captain skill is more useful on mid to high tier destroyers and light cruisers.  The health gain is extremely useful on destroyers if you find yourself being spotted in a gunboat destroyer.  Unfortunately the gain in health isn’t high enough to make it useful for battleships, aircraft carriers, or heavy cruisers.

Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (4 Skill Points)


(-15% to max dispersion for secondary armament(tier 1-6) &  -60% to max dispersion for secondary armament(tier 7+) when manually controlled)

(Secondary guns only fire when manually aimed at one enemy target)

A battleship specific skill only useful on those with plenty of secondary guns to take use of.  If you like using secondary weapons and build your captain out tailored to them then this is a must have.  It is a double edge sword however since you can only target one enemy and secondaries won’t fire unless you are targeting a ship.  For tier 7+ battleships built to boost their secondary performance though you will need to grab this ASAP.

Fire Prevention (4 Skill Points)


(-10% to fire chance (multiplicative), and -1 to maximum number of fires on ships(3 instead of 4))

Fire prevention reduces the chance of shells setting you on fire but not the amount most thing it does.  If an incoming shell has a 10% fire chance and you have this perk it will not reduce it to a 0% chance of fire. Instead it works out like this….. 10.0(fire chance) x 0.10(fire prevention) = 9% of fire.  You also take into account the specific fire reduction variable for your ship which further reduces it.  With this in mind plus removing one fire location it is useful on battleships if you really hate being set on fire.  Otherwise you are better off picking a different 4 point captain skill.

Attack Captain Skills

Expert Loader (1 Skill Point)

( BB)

(50% increase to loading speed when changing shells)

Useful on battleships since they are the only ship class with long enough reloads to make use of this skill.  Put your captain skill point into a different tier 1 skill since it’ll be more useful.

Aircraft Servicing Expert (1 Skill Point)


(+5% to HP of carrier-based aircraft, -10% to servicing time of carrier-based aircraft)

Great for aircraft carriers and nothing else.  This is a no brainier for carrier captains to take.

Expert Marksman (2 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB )

(+2.5 degrees/second for rotation on <139mm guns, +0.7 degrees/second for >139mm guns)

Great skill for anything that isn’t an aircraft carrier.  Very dependent on your specific ship and usually best on battleships, heavy cruisers, and gunboat destroyers.

Torpedo Acceleration (2 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD)

(+5 knots to torpedo speed, -20% to torpedo range)

Depending on your specific usage of torpedoes will decide whether you use this skill or not.  Personally I think the reduction in range is to high to warrant it being used on torpedo bombers from carriers.  For destroyers it comes down to how you play and whether you think the added speed is worth it.

Torpedo Armament Expertise (3 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  CV)

(-10% to torpedo reload, -20% to torpedo bomber service time)

Great for anything with torpedoes or torpedo bombers.  Although some battleships have torpedoes there are better skills at this level for battleships.

Emergency Takeoff (3 Skill Points)


(+100% to aircraft servicing time when the carrier is on fire, planes can launch/land when ship is on fire)

If you find yourself being hunted down a lot or shot before the end of a match in a carrier this is your captain skill!  Without it you’ll be frustrated not being able to fight back while on fire.

Inertia Fuse for HE Shells (4 Skill Points)

(GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB)

(+30% to armor penetration of HE shells, -3% to fire chance of HE shells)

An interesting skill since it provides a huge boost to HE shell penetration at the cost of 3% fire chance.  This mainly comes down to personally preference since the added penetration on HE shells will cause a lot more damage if you are slinging HE shells out of a destroyer or cruiser.  While the hit to fire chance is significant the reward can be greater if you are great with landing shots.  For battleships the hit to fire chance is minor but the added HE penetration is massive.  Unfortunately there are better skills to choose for battleships at this level, but picking with skill could lead to some interesting matches.

Air Supremacy (4 Skill Points)


(+1 fighter, +1 bomber in squadrons)

Most useful skill for a carrier at this captain skill level. Need I say anymore?

Support Captain Skills

Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft (1 Skill Point)

(CA  –  BB)

(+1 catapult aircraft, -20% airspeed of catapult aircraft, 2 fighters in air at one time)

Only useful on battleships and heavy cruisers for the most part.  The only reason you can consider this skill is because it only costs 1 point.  Even so you are better putting that point somewhere else.

Dogfighting Expert (1 Skill Point)


(+10% DPS for each tier difference between fighters, +10% ammunition on fighter aircraft)

Only useful on carriers and being that it only costs 1 point its a must if you plan on using any fighter squadrons

Smoke Screen Expert (2 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL)

(+20% to the radius of smoke screens)

If you find yourself using a destroyer or cruiser with smoke then this perk is very useful.  However, if you find yourself not relying on smoke much there are better skills suited for destroyers and cruisers at this tier.

Expert Rear Gunner (2 Skill Points)


(+10% to damage per second from bombers with rear tail-gunners)

Another aircraft carrier related captain skill.  Pick it up if you have planes that can take use of this skill since at tier 2 there isn’t much for carriers.

Basic Firing Training (3 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB  –  CV)

(139mm main guns or smaller and all secondary guns receive -10% reload time, +20% to anti-aircraft damage per second)

Seeing as this skill boosts a ton of firepower for main guns, secondary guns, and AA defenses to varying levels depending on your ship it is used by many.  Take a close look at whether or not your main guns will receive a boost to the reload time before taking this skill.  Even without the boost to a ship’s main guns it is usually still a great skill to pick.

Superintendent (3 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CA  –  BB)

(+1 charge to all consumables mounted on ship)

Best used on battleships for the added damage control party but also useful on other ship classes.  Depending on what consumables you run this skill can make sense to use on cruisers and destroyers.

Advanced Firing Training (4 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB  –  CV)

(+20% fire range of main guns 139mm or smaller and all secondary guns, +20% to AA defense firing range)

Like basic firing training this skill is extremely useful and affects firing range instead of reload times.  Typically if you chose basic firing training you’ll pick up this skill on top of it to further boost your firepower.

Manual Fire Control for AA Armaments (4 Skill Points)

(CA  –  BB)

(+100% DPS of AA guns larger than 85mm against a targeted enemy aircraft)

(AA guns must be manual targeted to come into effect)

Some battleships and cruisers(specifically USN) benefit enough to make use of this captain skill.  You can also make an argument for some high tier carriers as well but other tier 4 skills are more useful. If you want the ultimate AA defense killing machine this can work out great if you are great at micro managing. Since it requires you to manually select targets you’ll have to keep on top of it to make use. The 100% DPS increase for AA guns over 85mm is massive though and will shred any enemy planes.

Versatility Captain Skills

Incoming Fire Alert (1 Skill Point)


(Provides warning of enemy long range fire(over 6 seconds))

Honestly I don’t see why anyone would want to use this skill since you should be dodging at all times.  Only battleship captains would get any regular use out of this if you do want to select it.

Evasive Maneuver (1 Skill Point)


(-20% to torpedo bomber/dive bomber detectability, +75 HP when returning to carrier, and -30% to airspeed when returning to carrier)

The negative side effects of this skill outweighs the bonus to keeping your strike aircraft unseen in my opinion.  The main kicker is the airspeed since it will hurt your damage potential for long trips back to your carrier.  While I personally wouldn’t use it there is a case for it being valuable if you manage your strike squadrons well enough not to be detected.

Adrenaline Rush (2 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  BB )

(-0.2% to reload time of all armaments for each 1% of HP lost)

Great for any ship aside from aircraft carriers since it provides great reductions on reload times.  Most useful on battleships and heavy cruisers since they can survive for longer periods of time if under fire.

Last Stand (2 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CL  –  CA )

(Ships engine and steering gears still function at reduced functionality when knocked out)

Extremely useful on destroyers to prevent engines/steering from being knocked out making you look like a fool.  Cruisers also benefit enough to make this a good perk to have.

Demolition Expert (3 Skill Points)

(GDD  –  CL  –  CA  –  CV)

(+2% to fire chance for main gun shell, secondary gun shell, or dive bombers)

For ships that rely on HE rounds and carriers with a lot of dive bombers this is a must have captain skill.

Vigilance (3 Skill Points)

(CA  –  BB)

(+25% to acquisition range on torpedoes)

Best used on slower ships that need to added time to dodge torpedoes.  If you find yourself having trouble dodging torpedoes in your battleship/cruiser then pick this up.

Radio Location (4 Skill Points)

(CL  –  CA)

(Shows direction to nearest ship but alerts enemy when this occurs, does not work while playing an aircraft carrier)

This is an odd skill to have as a tier 4 skill since it simply shows the closest enemy’s direction. You also alert the enemy that you have their bearing so it can prove to be counter-productive.  For cruisers that are fighting destroyers a lot this can make killing and not being torpedoed by them much easier.

Concealment Expert (4 Skill Points)

(TDD  –  GDD  –  CA  –  BB  –  CV)

(Reduces detectability based on ship class, -10% destroyers, -12% cruisers, -14% battleships, -16% aircraft carriers)

Pretty much every ship class benefits enough from the reduced detectability to take this skill.  Light cruisers are the only ship class that probably doesn’t benefit enough from it however to recommend it.  Even on battleships the huge reduction in detection can be useful depending on your specific ship/build.

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