World of Warships 0.5.3 Captain Skill Changes

Here’s an update on the World of Warships 0.5.3 captain skill changes that are on the public test server currently.  There are four new captain skills to choose from and there was also re-balancing of some previous captain skills.  With these World of Warships 0.5.3 captain skill changes about to change the game drastically for every ship class it will be important to know what will be changing in the next patch.  Below are the changes to existing captain skills and also the new traits of the 4 new ones being introduced.  There are also changes to vigilance and aiming expert(now expert marksman) which are touched on below in detail since the changes are minor.  Overall each ship class gets buffed in a way while also being nerfed, aside from carriers that do not see a major change from the new captain skills.

World of Warships 0.5.3 Captain Skill Changes

Captain SkilL Changes

For previous skills you have basic firing training, advanced firing training, aiming expert(now expert marksmen), vigilance, and land stand changing.  The newcomers are manual fire control for AA armament, torpedo acceleration, survivability expert, and manual fire control for secondary armament.

Basic Firing Training Changes

Nerf to most mid-tier cruisers – Buff to no other class

Basic firing training now affects all secondary armament no matter what the caliber(no change there).  The major change is that it only affects main battery guns up to 139mm, opposed to it affecting all main battery guns prior to 0.5.3.  The change here is very minor and while it is a small nerf for low tier and mid tier cruisers this captain skill is under “secondary armament” and wasn’t meant to cover the higher tier cruisers that could use it prior to 0.5.3.

Advanced Firing Training Changes

Nerf to most mid-tier cruisers – Buff to no other class

Probably the largest change with 0.5.3 captain skills and one that has been a long time coming.  Advanced firing training still gives a boost of 20% to AA defense range and also +20% firing range of some main battery and secondary guns.  However, instead of affecting up to 155mm guns it only affects main battery guns up to 139mm(like BFT) and all secondary guns.  Unlike BFT the changes here are more drastic for many players since this skill was essential for many mid-tier cruisers(the likes of murmansk and cleveland) since it gave a massive boost to main battery range. This skill however wasn’t initially meant to cause many cruisers to out range battleships in some cases and to cause the balancing issues currently scorching(pun intended) mid tiers in World of Warships.  Yes it is a nerf to cruisers but it will pave the way for them to be balanced better in other areas as a result.

Land Stand Changes

Buff to destroyers & light cruisers – Small nerf for heavy cruisers/battleships

No changes here to the captain skill itself rather than dropping it to a tier 2 captain skill down from tier 4.  While last stand didn’t change much it did drop down two tiers and is probably the biggest change of 0.5.3 although it doesn’t get as much attention as the AFT change.  This change is a huge buff to destroyers and to a lesser extent light cruisers who lose modules left and right.  Since it is a tier 2 skill you do have to chose between a shorter torpedo reload or last stand but it will greatly buff USN and Russian destroyers who rely less on torpedoes.

Minor Changes to Expert Marksman & Vigilance

Both expert marksman(formerly aiming expert) and vigilance get small changes to them.  Expert marksman affects turret traverse for guns but now instead of the cut off being 155mm for the large 2.5 degree/second boost it is not 139mm.  Overall a minor change that doesn’t affect most ships aside from mid tier cruisers for the most part.  Even then the turret traverses on the ships affected are high enough that it isn’t that noticeable.  Otherwise vigilance got a small buff from +20% torpedo acquisition range to +25% torpedo acquisition range since it wasn’t a very useful skill for most ships.  Even with the 25% increase it isn’t a required skill by any means unless you are bad at dodging torpedoes.

Torpedo Acceleration

Possible buff to destroyers – No nerf to any other class

One of the new captain skills in 0.5.3 is torpedo acceleration where you lose 20% of the range of your torpedo in return for a 5 knot boost in speed.  It remains to be seen if this captain skill will be a huge change for many ships with torpedoes or if it will be left on the side by many.  The 5 knot boost is noticeable but the loss of 20% of torpedo range is a huge drawback that needs to be considered.  Personally I would rather have the longer range since battleships got a buff to their secondaries(if they have the captain skill) and I would rather not be even closer to enemy ships than before.  Torpedo acceleration will most likely be a buff for higher tier destroyers with long range torpedoes and IJN destroyers as a whole.

Manual Fire Control for AA Armament

Huge buff for cruisers and also USN destroyers – Slight nerf to carriers

The second new captain skill in 0.5.3 is manual fire control for AA armament which isn’t exactly what it seems.  It doesn’t allow you to take the gunner’s seat and fire completely manually(which is probably a good thing).  It however gives a 100% efficiency boost in AA guns exceeding 85mm for targets that are manually targeted by a player.  It doesn’t provide any boost if you do not manually target squadrons.  Finally dual purpose guns get a buff which is great news for USN cruisers/destroyers as well as many other mid – high tier cruisers with great AA defense.  Since this blankets any ship class with AA guns exceeding 85mm it is primarily a nerf to carriers.  Keep in mind however that since it is a tier 4 skill you will need to choose between this and AFT which will not allow you to have a greater AA aura or better secondaries on battleships.

Survivability Expert

Largest buff for destroyers and light cruisers – Small nerf(due to stronger DD’s) to battleships/carriers

Surviveability expert is straight forward in that your ship receives +400 HP per tier if you have this perk.  I almost feel like this captain skill should be tailored based off of ship class since the +400 HP per tier is essentially only useful for destroyers and some cruisers.  At tier 10 you see only see +4,000 HP which is a lot on destroyers but other classes it is a drop in the bucket(especially carriers/battleships).  Some lower tier cruisers might benefit but even at tier 10 this skill is essentially useless outside of destroyers.  I can see them changing this skill either before release or in a following patch so that it is +400 HP for DD, +600 for Cruisers, and +800 for BB/CV or something along those lines.

Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament

Huge buff for high tier battleships(especially IJN BB’s) – Small nerf to destroyers and high tier cruisers if at close range

Lastly you have manual fire control for secondary armament which is similar to the previous new captain skill.  This skill is a positive and negative since it ties all your secondary guns to manual control.  It remains to be seen if other secondary guns(on the other side of your hull) will remain firing or if you can select multiple ships.  However, it looks like your secondary guns will only fire at targets you manually select and you can only select one at a time.  However, for tier 1-6 ships you gain 15% accuracy to your secondaries which is somewhat minor but still very noticeable.  The largest gain is for tier 7-10 ships where your secondaries gain a 60% accuracy improvement which is massive.

Overall this skill since it is both a positive and negative will be heavily reliant upon the scenario and player captaining the ship.  At lower tiers the +15% accuracy is a buff to almost every battleship and especially the Mikasa/Warspite.  The 60% increase in accuracy at higher tiers is a huge buff for the likes of Izumo and Yamato.  Other battleships will see a slight buff as well but with most USN battleships not having the secondary capabilities compared to IJN ones it is primarily a buff for IJN battleships.  Nonetheless if you are being attacked by multiple ships at close range you will potentially lose some damage capability especially if you are surrounded on both sides.  At the same time in that scenario you are most likely screwed anyway.

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