USS Olympia (C-6) Pictures

The USS Olympia (C-6) is the world’s oldest floating steel warship and the only ship surviving from the Spanish-American War that took place in 1898.  The USS Olympia was launched in 1892 and there were never any sister ships built which made the USS Olympia a one of a kind ship even during its service time.  The USS Olympia was originally equipped to feature four 200mm(8 inch) 35 caliber guns for the main battery, ten 127mm(5 inch) 40 caliber guns for the secondary battery with five guns on each side, and fourteen 57mm(2.24 inch/6 pounder) guns for dealing with small ships at short distances.  The USS Olympia also had six 18 inch torpedo tubes located above the water line as well to complete its main firepower capabilities.  The 200mm and 127mm guns were replaced with 5 inch(51 caliber) guns in 1916 when she was docked for repairs after she ran aground.  The USS Olympia was Admiral Dewey’s flagship in the Battle of Manila Bay in the Spanish American War, patrolled the US eastern seaboard during World War I, escorted a peacekeeping force to Russia, and its final official mission was to carry the body of the Unknown Soldier from France to the United States.

Currently the USS Olympia resides at the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum and is on display to the public throughout the year.  The USS Olympia (C-6) sits next to the USS Becuna (SS-319) submarine and both remain floating after all of these years.  Both ships, especially the USS Olympia, require extensive repairs to keep them floating and also on display to preserve this very important piece of naval history.  The USS Olympia in particular requires extensive repairs to repair the hull and to keep the ship from sinking since its hull is deteriorating and will not last much longer without being dry docked/repaired.  To donate to the USS Olympia and also see more information about the ship visit the link below to the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum website.











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