USS New Jersey (BB-62) Pictures

The USS New Jersey (BB-62) is an Iowa class battleship and was the second Iowa class battleship to be built.  The USS New Jersey (BB-62) was commissioned in 1943 and served in World War II and was finally decommissioned in 1991 after nearly 48 years of service. The New Jersey’s main battery consisted of nine sixteen inch 50 caliber mark 7 guns in three three-gun turrets.  The second battery consisted of twenty five inch 38 caliber guns mounted in dual-gun turrets.  Throughout the years the USS New Jersey (BB-62) received many upgrades and changes to its armament to keep up with the changes in warfare and these upgrades allowed the New Jersey to serve as long as it did.  The US New Jersey being an Iowa class battleship had armor up to 430mm of armor on its citadel and a 310mm thick armored belt covering the magazines and engine room.

Currently the USS New Jersey resides in Camden New Jersey across from the USS Olympia and USS Becuna on the Philadelphia bank of the Delaware River.  The USS New Jersey is open as a museum ship for most of the year for tours and also a look into naval history with great displays showcasing other warships from the Yamato to the Bismarck.  To find out more about visiting the USS New Jersey and also about donating to the USS New Jersey follow the links to the USS New Jersey’s website below.

USS New Jersey Pictures (Outside)








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