Ship Guide: Wakatake

The tier 3 Japanese destroyer Wakatake is a nimble assassin capable of inflicting a lot of damage with its torpedoes on any ship that is caught in their path.  Being a destroyer the Wakatake is extremely fragile and is vulnerable of being taken out with one salvo from battleships and sometimes cruisers.  It also has very poor main gun traverse rates which makes it very difficult to use your main guns to inflict damage at closer ranges and while turning.  To make up for these downsides the Wakatake has smokescreens to conceal its location and its allies.  Along with this ability it also has a very good detectability rating that prevents it from being seen by enemy ships further than 6.5km if it is not firing its main guns/AA.

The main goal of the Wakatake is to help conceal its allies with smokescreens in need and also to get in close to deal a large amount of damage with its torpedoes.  Getting in close is risky but you can also use your smokescreens to cover your retreat after you launch your torpedoes.  Make sure not to deploy your smokescreen to early or else you run the risk of actually concealing your enemy and defeating the whole point of the smokescreen.

Wakatake Videos

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