Ship Guide: St. Louis

You may hear while playing World of Warships people saying, “Thou shall not take the St. Louis’s name in vain.”  This phrase has caught on since the St. Louis when it comes down to firepower is simply nasty for a cruiser at tier 3 with its massive amount of guns on both sides that give it a deadly punch if any ships are broadside to it.  The St. Louis doesn’t have much else outside of its firepower which does make it a one tricky pony but specializing in firepower isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a tier 3 cruiser.  Keep in mind that you can’t take a lot of damage and that due to your poor mobility for a cruiser that destroyer torpedoes will cause massive damage.  If you can position yourself correctly to keep your guns firing then you will tear apart enemies that dare to challenge the mighty St. Louis.

St. Louis Videos

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