Ship Guide: Omaha

The tier 5 United States Navy cruiser Omaha is a very deadly warship at closer ranges due to its fast firing main guns and short range torpedoes.  The Omaha is extremely fragile and takes critical hits to the citadel, turrets, and propulsion system very easily against other cruisers and battleships.  Since the Omaha is speedy and excels at short ranges it is good against destroyers, other cruisers, and for surprising battleships.  At the time it is very important in the Omaha to make sure you are not the primary target if you can since you will not last very long under sustained enemy fire.


Survivability (34/100)

Combat Capability – 26,800 Health points

Armor – Citadel (15mm-76mm) – Forwards and After Ends (6mm-25mm) – Gun Casemate (1mm-13mm) – Armored Deck (37mm)

Artillery (46/100)

8 x 1 152mm + 2 x 2 152mm Main Batteries

Rounds per Minute – 8.6

Firing Range – 12.7 km

Maximum Dispersion – 120m

HE Shell Maximum Damage – 1,650 / 12% Fire

AP Shell Maximum Damage – 3,450

Torpedoes (21/100)

Torpedo Maximum Damage – 11,733

Reload Time – 66 seconds

Torpedo Speed – 56 knots

Torpedo Range – 5.5 km

AA Guns (7/100)

4 x 1 12.7mm (4 damage per second / 0.9 km range)

8 x 4 28mm ( 80 damage per second / 2.5 km range)

Maneuverability (65/100)

Maximum Speed – 34 knots

Turning Circle Radius – 830m

Rudder Shift Time – 7.5 seconds

Concealment (51/100)

Surface Detectability Range – 13.5 km

Air Detectability Range – 6.7 km

Below are some gameplay videos of the Omaha in World of Warships that goes over how to play it and what not to do.  This ship guide will be updated in the future to include specific stats and a more in depth breakdown of the Omaha cruiser.

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