Ship Guide: Kongo

The tier 5 Japanese battleship Kongo shakes up the Japanese battleship line due to its focus on mobility more-so than armor compared to the battleships before and after it.  The Kongo is almost as fast as some cruisers it regularly faces and it is capable of dodging a lot of incoming fire due to its above average mobility for a battleship.  Since it is a battleship the Kongo has a massive amount of firepower with a very long firing range at the cost of a long reload time.  Compared to the Myogi the AA capability is in a completely different world and it is capable of taking down many aircraft that comes within its range.  Due to the mobility the Kongo has it does lose armor thickness and it will not be able to shrug off as much non-battleship shells that hit its citadel areas and thus will not survive under fire as long as other battleships.

Kongo Videos

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