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The mighty Fuso Japanse battleshi with its glorious 12 main guns terrorizes tier 6 once fully upgraded.  The Fuso focuses on sheer firepower at the cost of deck armor, concealment, and maneuverability and prepares you for the tier 7 Japanese battleship Nagato.  Since the Fuso’s strength is its raw firepower and to an extent its hull armor it can prove to be a dominate force in battles if the enemy team doesn’t exploit its weaknesses.  This World of Warships Fuso ship guide will go over the how to play the Fuso to its fullest extent and also how to counter the Fuso if you are facing one.

World of Warships Fuso Ship Guide | Overview |

Main Firepower

The Fuso’s main selling point is its main battery firepower that not only has sheer damage potential with its 12  14-inch guns but also has great accuracy for a battleship with that amount of guns.  The Fuso is similar to the New Mexico since both have 12 guns but the Fuso out ranges the New Mexico in their elite configurations and has slightly better dispersion.  One downside of the 14 inch guns is that they fail to perform well against other battleships if they are angled or facing head on.  This is because they are unable to overmatch most bow/stern armor and thus perform poorly against higher tier battleships and angled opponents.  Two of the main turrets located amidships also need to be fired nearly broadside to opponents which opens up the Fuso to sustain huge damage by exposing its citadel armor.  In the end the 12 14-inch guns provide 126,000 potential damage with AP broadside compared to the Nagato(a tier higher) that only has 100,800 potential damage.  With this advantage you have the downside of the smaller 14 inch guns compared to the larger caliber found a tier higher on the Colorado and Nagato.

Secondary Firepower / Anti-Aircraft Defense

One glaring weakness of the Fuso is its anti-aircraft defenses that will fail to protect it against tier 6 and higher aircraft carriers.  Even tier 5 aircraft carriers will be able to perform multiple attacks on the Fuso without losing a substantial amount of planes.  Even with a fully upgraded Fuso, AA modifications, and captain skills it will not be able to adequately protect itself from aerial attacks.  Secondary guns on the Fuso are above average for tier 6 but do not come into play very often due to the average range on them.  While the Fuso’s secondaries perform better than the New Mexico’s it is inferior to the ones found on the Warspite.  The secondaries will help out against close range destroyers but usually you find yourself stick to ranges 12km+ due to the sheer amount of guns and decent accuracy it wields.


An armor breakdown of the Fuso can be found below here on Menz Gaming.  Currently it shows the Fuso’s historical armor but it will be updated to reflect the in-game model which differs slightly.

Armor wise the Fuso has the typical 305mm belt armor found on many battleships in World of Warships but the belt armor does thin slightly on the forward/aft main turrets where it drops in thickness.  In this area the Fuso has an additional angled inner piece of armor to protect the powder magazines.  Against cruisers and destroyers the Fuso’s armor holds up well since it doesn’t have an “all or nothing” armor scheme and has thick armor across much of its hull.  Against battleships this is actually a detriment since it allows AP shells to fail to over penetrate and thus cause more damage.  The Fuso’s bulkheads(at the front and rear of the citadel area) are also easy to penetrate by other battleships if you are pointing directly at or away from them.  One plus is that the citadel area is completely at or beneath the waterline and thus makes it less likely to be hit.

Lastly, the deck armor on the Fuso is lacking since it primarily consists of a 35mm thick deck followed by a 99mm thick deck layer protecting the citadel area.  Dive bombers will be able to cause more damage because of the lack of deck armor and plunging fire also can cause citadel hits more on the Fuso compared to other battleships around tier 6.


The Fuso is a snail compared to the previous Kongo battleship since its maximum speed when fully upgraded is only 24.5 knots.  It is still faster than many USN battleships that it will fight against but only by a small margin.  It’s turning radius and rudder shift time are also poor when you factor in the slow speed, making you an easy target for enemy bombers.

Miscellaneous Attributes

One large miscellaneous attribute for the Fuso is its massive 18.9 km surface detectability range which on some maps means you will be seen immediately(Strait).  The air detectability range is also high at 12.18 km which makes it very easy for enemy bombers to hone in on you if you manage to conceal yourself behind an island.  One other small factor is the brutal stock grind that until you unlock the Fuso (B) hull you will have around 14.5km range on your main guns compared to 21.8km.  The stock grind is so brutal that it is highly recommended to not play the Fuso unless you can skip it immediately or in a few matches.


Playing the Fuso is a balance between getting in massive hits on battleships in poor positions and taking out enemy cruisers.  The Fuso is able to wreck enemy battleships that are not angled if they are 15 km or less away but at the same time you need to keep yourself angled to deflect their incoming rounds.  Only expose your broadside between their salvos or else you will suffer massive damage.  Alternatively if you notice an enemy battleship sailing in a straight line 16km+ you can expect to be able to cause heavy damage and possible citadel damage on tier 5 battleships at that range.  Keep in mind that if you are against an enemy New Mexico or higher tier battleship that is angling heavily towards or away from you it may be wise to use high-explosive rounds since your 14 inch guns will struggle at anything over close range.

Another important aspect of the Fuso is preventing torpedo wielding ships from getting a jump on you unless you are prepared.  The Fuso is very capable at deleting destroyers with HE or cruisers with AP if you are not broadside to them when their torpedoes are closing in.  If you can’t dictate the engagement then avoid the enemy destroyer/cruiser until you are able to limit your exposure to receiving 2+ torpedoes.  It is also wise to stick by some cruisers and/or battleships with decent AA capabilities if you are in a battle with carriers fielding multiple bombers.  If it is simply a Bogue/Independence running 1 dive bomber you can roll the dice but even 1 dive bomber squadron can cause a lot of damage over a few passes.

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