Ship Guide: Bogue

The Bogue clearer of skies and scorcher of ships…..wait what?  The tier 5 United States Navy air craft carrier Bogue has a bad reputation and you will almost never hear any praise for it.  The negativity that surrounds the Bogue is that it is not capable of delivering  a lot of damage to enemy ships directly without sacrificing all of its fighters.  Its configurations consist of 1 fighter/1 torpedo bomber, 2 fighters/1 dive bomber, and 1 torpedo bomber/2 dive bombers.  All three configurations are useful in their own way and with their own distinct drawbacks no one configuration is perfect for all situations.  The Bogue outside of its dilemma with configurations is also extremely sluggish and doesn’t have great AA or protection to offset the slow speed.  This World of Warships Bogue ship guide will go over how to play the Bogue to the best of its abilities and debunk some of the dark cloud that hovers over it in World of Warships.

World of Warships Bogue Overview

Lets start off with a replay of the Bogue being played with commentary on how the Bogue operates with the two fighter and 1 dive bomber configuration.

Bogue Configurations

All Bogue captains need to choose between one of three configurations.  The stock configuration is 1 fighter and 1 torpedo bomber and is the Bogue’s most balanced configuration between air supremacy and damage dealing to ships.  The air supremacy configuration consists of two fighters and one dive bomber.  This option limits the damage you can deal directly to ships but guarantees that you can overwhelm tier 4/5 carriers with your fighters and with smart tactics even hold your own against tier 6 carriers.  Lastly the strike configuration consists of two dive bombers and 1 torpedo bomber.  The loss of all fighters in the strike option puts you at the mercy of the enemy carrier and usually even if there is one enemy fighter squadron you wind up being shutdown completely.

Sees as the strike option has the largest downside it should be cast aside even though it has the highest damage potential against enemy ships at its disposal.  The stock configuration can be useful with the upgraded fighter and torpedo bomber to retain a balance between air supremacy and damage dealing.  However, you are preventing yourself from dealing as much damage using the stock configuration as the Zuiho Japanese carrier.  Last but not least the air supremacy configuration with two fighters and dive bombers allows the Bogue to truly shine and ultimately gives you the best option to help your team.  This is because you will have more fighters against all tier 4 carriers and also the tier 5 Zuiho.  This allows you to prevent the enemy carrier from getting off a lot of damage on your team and with practice completely wipe out their planes after 3 or so runs by them.  The main drawback to this option is that you only have one dive bomber squadron for dealing damage and running into tier 6 carriers can be troublesome if they are running an air supremacy configuration.

Bogue Fighters

Compared to the Japanese Zuiho carrier the Bogue’s fighters are statistically better aside from their speed where the Bogue is a hair slower. Both upgraded fighters do the same amount of damage per second and the Bogue’s fighters have more ammunition on them.  The Bogue’s fighters do have slightly less vitality at 940 compared to the Zuiho’s 969 but the Bogue with its 6 planes per squadron compared to the Zuiho’s 4 still comes out on top.

Bogue Torpedo Bombers

Comparing the Bogue’s torpedo bombers to the Zuiho’s you find that the Bogue is slightly lacking in this area.  The Bogue’s torpedo bombers are slower and have less vitality per plane compared to the Zuiho.  The Zuiho also can have two squadrons(max of 8 planes) compared to the Bogue’s 1 squadron(max of 6 planes) of torpedo bombers which further limits the Bogue in this area.

Bogue Dive Bombers

Both the stock and upgraded dive bombers of the Bogue completely outclass the Zuiho’s outside of the upgraded dive bombers having the same vitality across both carriers.

Bogue Characteristics

Outside of the plane configurations the Bogue is pretty lackluster with its other characteristics.  The Bogue is very slow and cannot maneuver very well compared to other ships around tier 5.  The Bogue is so slow that it has trouble even at full speed at keeping up with a flank which leaves it vulnerable to destroyers that slip in behind.  The Bogue’s anti-aircraft defenses are average for tier 5 and will potentially do a number on tier 4 aircraft trying to attack it.  Against tier 5 and tier 6 planes it will not be a huge determinant to an enemy carrier and due to the Bogue’s poor mobility it is a sitting duck if found.  The Bogue also suffers from a lack of a large capacity for aircraft and you essentially only have one full squadron as a backup.  This further promotes the use of the 2 fighter option since it is the least likely to lose a lot of planes in.

Bogue Tactics 

 Using the air supremacy configuration  your first task is the get both fighter squadrons out where you think the enemy is most likely to strike first.  Getting a huge hit in for the first wave of enemy planes makes life as a bogue much easier since if you fall behind your lack of reserve planes is your greatest weakness.  At first having one fighter squadron out patrolling for enemy bombers with one slightly further behind is the best defense against being targeted yourself.  If you do not see an enemy bombers in the first 1-2 minutes then you should fan both fighters out to the sides of the map surrounding you to intercept enemy bombers.  Alternatively if the was simply late to the fight you use the first fighter to funnel enemy planes towards your second fighter squadron and set up a strafing run.  A strafing run is the attack that is similar to a torpedo bomber run and you initiate it by holding down control and setting its attack vector.  Any planes caught in the blast take a massive amount of damage and one Bogue fighter squadron can take down all three potential Zuiho attack squadrons.

Focusing on your fighters first leaves your one torpedo bomber slightly neglected.  Since its damage potential is low you want to single out battleships which at tiers 4-5 usually have poor AA with tier 6 battleships posing a threat.  Avoid any AA cruisers, especially tier 6 ones, since they will tear your squadrons apart in seconds.  To get the most out of your dive bombers try to target enemies that are being targeted already by your team’s cruisers.  Most times you will set an enemy ship on fire that already exhausted its repair and/or setup your teammates to do the same thing.  If your lone dive bomber simply goes after lone enemy ships not sustaining fire you will not amount any meaningful damage since most of the damage comes from fires.

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