Armor Guide: Yamato

The tier 10 behemoth battleship Yamato sits a top of the Japanese battleship line in World of Warships.  The Yamato currently has the best overall armor in World of Warships when it comes sheer thickness and also the overall armor scheme.  This World of Warships Yamato armor guide will break down the Yamato’s armor based on effective armor in three different views.  Effective armor takes into account multiple armor layers, armor thickness, and the angle of the armor.  Covered in this guide is a broadside view of the Yamato, an aerial view, and a head-on view of the frontal bulkheads.  If there are multiple layers of armor the outer most layer is listed first followed by additional armor layers towards the inner areas of the Yamato.

World of Warships Yamato Armor Guide *Frontal*


Penetrating a Yamato’s critical citadel areas is no easy challenge with the main belt being 410mm thick across most of the citadel.  On top of the main belt being incredibly strong compared to other battleships currently in World of Warships you have main turrets with impressive turret fronts and barbettes to bolster the Yamato’s armor.  Taking a look at the main turrets you will find that the sides/rear are not well protected, especially when compared to the 971mm effective armor of the front of the turrets.  If a Yamato isn’t pointing his turrets your way you can damage or knock out a main turret if you hit the sides/rear as long as they are not very well angled.  The barbettes under the main turrets connect the the main belt and are a staggering 560mm thick with an additional 32mm hull armor covering the parts below the deck.

Moving onto the main belt armor you find yourself faced with 410mm thick main belt armor that extends above and below the waterline along the citadel area.  At each end you have bulkhead armor that wraps around from the front/rear that is extremely tough if you hit it from this view.  The main belt itself can be damaged at close/mid range by other battleships if it is not angled since it is a single layer of 410mm armor with no additional inner armor layers protecting from citadel damage.  Further down beneath the waterline is the “main belt bottom” area that drops to a mere 200mm which if lucky will allow you to bypass the 410mm main belt if you hit it.  This weaker area beneath the water is easiest to hit amidships where the propulsion system is located.  As you work your way under the main turrets it gets thinner and there is also the very strong armor protecting the bottom of the powder magazines.  It’s best to aim for the forward magazine/main belt “bottom” area since it is much weaker(and larger) to hit than the rear magazine.

Outside of the main citadel area you have the typical unarmored forward/aft sections of the ship.  The Yamato has two steering modules armored by 300mm and 360mm thick armor located towards the rear of the ship.  Amidships you also have two large secondary turrets that are poorly armored and receive damage well.  Overall the Yamato’s armor protects it greatly against non-battleships if it is broadside and if angled properly will protect it against other non-Yamato battleships due to the sheer thickness of its first layer of armor found across a lot of the ship.

World of Warships Yamato Armor Guide *Head-On*


Head-on the Yamato is a tough nut to crack due to its bulkheads being angled vertically and horizontally in most places unlike a lot of other battleships that have vertical bulkheads.  Given the strong turret fronts, coning tower, and tough bulkheads it is extremely difficult to penetrate the critical armor layers to cause heavy/citadel damage from the front.  Your best bet is to aim at the center of the lower bulkhead where effective armor values are at minimal 428mm but grow increasingly strong if you hit heavily armored bow armor(32mm).

World of Warships Yamato Armor Guide *Aerial*


Given the sheer amount of armor the Yamato has on the side of its hull and also head-on it has to have a chink in its armor somewhere right?  The answer is yes and no when it comes from plunging fire/dive bombers/aerial attacks.  Many battleships have several layers of deck armor that protect the key citadel areas from taking damage and these deck layers aren’t always that thick.  Most battleships currently have one thick deck layer(100mm-150mm) and then multiple other deck layers.  This gives a great overall effective armor value and prevents an enemy shell from reaching the citadel.  However, with how damage is calculated in World of Warships with the shell penetrating the first deck layer it will cause at least 33% of its full damage.

This is where the Yamato’s armor from an aerial view allows it to withstand a beating although the combined protection is lower than many of its peers(US BBs).  The Yamato amidships covering the citadel area has a 57mm layer of armor that has 200mm behind with a potential 19mm added on from the superstructure.  The 200mm thick deck prevents shells from traveling past it in most cases and thus prevents AP shells from causing 33% damage since they often bounce off of it.  However, many battleships at very long range can punch through it since amidships it hovers between 275mm and 307mm effective armor.  Actually hitting a Yamato at this range(think 20km+) and in the right spot is another thing entirely.  Overall the Yamato’s aerial defense isn’t that great overall for a battleship in the higher tiers but the 200mm thick deck allows it to have an “all or nothing” armor defense that is great at most engagement ranges.

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