Armor Guide: Nagato

The Japanese battleship Nagato sits at tier 7 in the Japanese battleship line and it continues the trend of durable battleships that have excellent armor covering most of the ship.  Unlike the Kongo and Amagi the Nagato is not a fast battleship and instead focuses on brute armor protection to keep it alive as it chugs into battle.  The Nagato’s armor favors fighting at close to mid ranges since the major chink in its armor comes from receiving plunging fire and/or aerial attacks.  At closer ranges the Natago’s hull armor is exceptional in most areas and especially when it comes to protecting major citadel areas. This World of Warships Nagato armor guide breaks down the Nagato’s armor based on effective armor values and also based on citadel modules.

Depicted in the different views of the Nagato are values based off of the total thickness of multiple armor layers and their respective angles.  The totaled value is known as effective armor and is the value your shell actually needs to penetrate to do damage to the inner modules of the Izumo.  The outer most armor layer is always listed first and then each sequential layer until the inner most is reached.  Keep in mind that to do damage in World of Warships you only need to penetrate one layer of armor but this will only result in minimal damage.  For maximum/citadel damage to occur your shell must detonate inside the ship and hit a key(citadel) module.

World of Warships Nagato Armor Guide | Broadside |


Looking at the Natago from a broadside point of view you find that there aren’t that many squishy areas of the ship which can either be good or bad.  The Forward and Aft ends are not very large and a good chunk of the amidships area above the main belt is thick enough to detonate AP shells inside the Nagato.  It’s a double edge sword since this prevents smaller caliber AP/HE rounds found terrorizing the Nagato due to the smaller poorly armored areas.  At the same time it causes a lot of AP shells that manage to penetrate the thicker armor, but not the extremely resilient citadel area, to cause more damage since they do not over-penetrate.

In any event the Nagato’s main belt area above and below the waterline amidships is 305mm thick with an additional 76mm angled section protecting the citadel.  Outside of close ranges where a Nagato is hit with no angling this provides adequate protection to prevent taking citadel damage.  If a shell hits low enough however amidships it can penetrate the main belt 2/3 areas that are significantly less protected.  While the armored amidships area does not take citadel damage it does receive heavy damage since it will detonate heavy cruiser/battleship AP rounds that manage to penetrate it inside the ship.

Unlike many other battleships the Nagato has an extensive armor scheme protecting its powder magazines.  The forward magazine is pretty straight forward with 3 layers of armor covering the part closest to the waterline and then slowly becoming less protected the further underwater you go.  In the grand scheme of things it is unrealistic to except to cause citadel damage or detonate a Nagato in the forward powder magazine since it is very difficult to penetrate all the layers of armor.  The rear magazine sees a more complex armor layout since the 305mm main belt armor tapers off to 76mm and 152mm in areas.  Although the armor is thinner on the rear powder magazine it still has several layers in most places to penetrate to reach the citadel area and outside the rear magazine “2” and “3” locations it is highly unlikely to do so 99% of the time.

Lastly the major “hole” in the Nagato’s broadside view armor comes from the #2 and #3(the two located closest to the center of the ship) main turrets since the barbettes do not completely connect to the thicker main belt armor.  The most forward and aft main turret barbettes connect to the 305mm thick main belt armor but the central two do not.  The modules for the main turrets however extend beneath where the barbettes end for these two central turrets all the way down to the 305mm armor.  Thus between these two barbettes and the 305mm armor you have an extremely vulnerable area that can knock out, damage, or cause a ton of HP damage to a main turret.  Over-penetration might be an issue for the #2 turret ahead of the coning tower if you miss the armored amidships area but the #3 turret will not cause any over-penetrations.

World of Warships Nagato Armor Guide | Head-On / Bulkhead |


Unlike most battleships the Nagato’s head-on view of the frontal bulkheads does not see the weakest armor being located on the lower bulkhead.  Instead there is a small piece of the upper bulkhead that is not angled and has a minimal 254mm effective armor value.  While the lower bulkhead and some other values might seem “weak” these values don’t take into account the angled bow armor which plays a factor if it is not over-matched completely.  Although it is only 25mm it can bounce a lot of shots thrown at it and even if they penetrate it can add an additional 50mm-75mm’s worth of effective armor to the mix.  Any round with a caliber 357mm or higher can over-match the 25mm bow/stern armor on the Nagato and will make it much easier to penetrate the bulkheads.  If your ship falls below that 357mm over-match size its best to load HE and try to set fires against a Nagato from this vantage point.

World of Warships Nagato Armor Guide | Aerial |


From an aerial view the Nagato’s main weakness becomes apparent from the lack of deck armor covering much of the citadel area.  The powder magazines still retain their excellent protection which mostly comes from the 197mm thick deck located on the top of powder magazines.  Amidships however the deck armor is 70mm at its thickest and the other two thinner decks won’t stop most plunging fire from battleships.  Even with the superstructure hit the effective armor value amidships only reaches 155mm which at tier 7 is extremely weak even for deck armor.  Along the outer edges any shells that land here will most likely cause minimal(or none at all) damage due to the additional armor layers you find there.  There is also no citadel area outside of the outline center areas.

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