Armor Guide: Montana

The tier 10 United States Navy battleship Montana’s armor much like the tier 10 Japanese battle Yamato has excellent armor protection.  Both ships are comparable as far as armor values go but the Montana falls short primarily to the Yamato being able to overmatch its bow/stern armor(due to the Yamato’s larger caliber guns) and thus is able to penetrate the Montana easily.  Looking past that advantage the Montana’s armor is solid where it needs to be to protect its citadel areas.  It is not without its downsides however with two main turret barbettes being a weak spot and the citadel in general being very large.  This World of Warships Montana armor guide will break down the Montana’s armor over three different views and provide effective armor values.

Depicted in the different views of the Montana are values based off of the total thickness of multiple armor layers and their respective angles.  The totaled value is known as effective armor and is the value your shell actually needs to penetrate to do damage to the inner modules of the Izumo.  The outer most armor layer is always listed first and then each sequential layer until the inner most is reached.  Keep in mind that to do damage in World of Warships you only need to penetrate one layer of armor but this will only result in minimal damage.  For maximum/citadel damage to occur your shell must detonate inside the ship and hit a key(citadel) module.

World of Warships Montana Armor Guide | Broadside |


From the broadside point of view the Montana, much like other battleships, doesn’t have enough armor if it is not angled to protect it from enemy battleships.  The Montana has a 409mm thick main belt that once angled slightly will provide protection against enemy battleships.  The main turret fronts are well protected along with the majority of the barbette area.  One weakness the Montana has is with the #2 and #3 main turret barbettes(inner most ones) since their 51mm portions are not covered by the main belt.  This opens up damage to these two main turrets since the turret model extends down to the bottom of the barbettes.  The “main belt bottom” and amidships bottom citadel” locations while weak are low enough below the waterline to rarely get hit reliably by incoming shells.  The main belt bottom area is the largest concern since if enemy battleships aim low enough it will have a chance of being hit.

Outside of the key areas you have the typical unarmored forward/aft end areas.  The aft end on the Montana has two armored locations with the strongest being the armor protecting the steering module.  This provides a small bonus since cruisers will have a difficult time knocking out the Montana’s rudder.  Overall the broadside of the Montana holds up well with a little angling but the two holes under the #2 and #3 main turrets are something the Yamato doesn’t have to worry about.

World of Warships Montana Armor Guide | Aerial |


The aerial view shows just how large the citadel area on the Montana is and compared to the Yamato it is about 50% larger in overall size.  Unlike most United States Navy battleships the Montana actually can be considered as having bad deck armor for its tier which is unexpected coming from the North Carolina and Iowa.  The amidships area that houses the citadel excluding small areas that add additional armor only has a 29mm thick deck and then the 150mm thick deck that counts as the citadel.  This gives the Montana only 179mm of effective armor protection with an additionall 19mm protecting the powder magazines/propulsion system.  This 179mm pales to the Yamato’s 257mm-275mm minimal amidships aerial armor protection.

World of Warships Montana Armor Guide | Bulkheads |


The forward bulkheads of the Montana overall are exceptionally armored and the weakest portion(464mm EA) is stronger than the Yamato’s weakest frontal bulkhead area(428mm EA).  The downside is that with only 32mm on the bow/stern an enemy Yamato’s larger caliber guns overmatch this armor(negating it) and punch through the armor behind it.  Against all other battleships the Montana can safely use its frontal bulkheads without worrying about sustaining citadel damage.  Overmatching from the Yamato comes into play since it has 460mm main guns and once you factor in overmatching( occurs at 14.3x) the 32mm virtually doesn’t exsists. 32 x 14.3 =457.6mm so the Yamato scoots by barely to overmatch the Montana’s bow(and any other battleships).

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