Armor Guide: Mikasa

In World of Warships the Japanese battleship Mikasa is currently the only tier 2 battleship released able to play.  Being the only tier 2 battleship when it is the top tier it is undoubtedly the hardest ship to sink in the match due to its HP, armor thickness, and battleship heal ability.  Although the Mikasa is the lowest tier battleship currently its armor still holds up well against higher tier battleships that it faces.  This World of Warships Mikasa armor guide breaks down the Mikasa into areas based on effective armor values and also outlines key citadel areas.  Some areas might have several layers of armor which is where effective armor portrays a clearer picture of total strength.

Unlike some other armor guides on Menz Gaming that are up to date this Mikasa armor guide does have a few values that cannot be 100% determined due to the model viewers not showing the Mikasa’s armor correctly at this time.  In-game the two main turrets are modeled and are difficult to damage unless you hit them from the top/rear but they have no armor assigned to them according to certain armor viewers.  The damage module however is there.  What I did to approximate the turret/barbette armor due to lack of data was to go off of historical data and then manually double check the armor angles in-game to come up with the values you see below.

World of Warships Mikasa Armor Guide | Broadside |


The broadside of the Mikasa is difficult for any non-battleship vessels it faces since the entire citadel area is covered by near impenetrable armor for the size guns non-battleships equip from tiers 1-3.  Even against battleships the small trip of main belt armor that covers where most shots will hit the citadel is incredibly strong with multiple layers of armor protecting it.  Not only do shells have to go through the two layers of main belt armor but for any citadel hit to register it will need to punch through the last 25mm that protects it.

Outside of the main belt area you have the armored amidships area that tier 3 cruisers can penetrate when the Mikasa is facing them with its broadside.  Since the Mikasa only has two slow turning main turrets that are very inaccurate it isn’t a death sentence for a cruiser to approach a Mikasa facing them broadside since the cruiser if played smart will do more damage with its superior main guns.

World of Warships Mikasa Armor Guide | Head-on / Bulkhead |


Head-on the Mikasa is difficult for any ship it normally faces to penetrate any meaningful armor since its main belt extends almost to the tip of the bow.  Only battleships have a chance at closer ranges to punch through the small 16mm location on the tip of the bow and then through the 178mm thick bulkhead behind it.  Otherwise you are better off shooting high-explosive rounds to cause module damage and fires.

World of Warships Mikasa Armor Guide | Aerial |


While the Mikasa doesn’t face many(or any) carriers it still can receive plunging fire.  Fortunately for Mikasa captains it is difficult to score any heavy/citadel damage on a Mikasa through plunging fire since the citadel is largely covered by thick enough armor to prevent full penetrations.  There are however two small areas behind the main turrets that are weaker than the other amidships deck armor but they are almost impossible to hit on purpose.  Since the Mikasa has inner layers of armor angled towards the center of the ship it makes it very difficult to penetrate along the edges of the ship amidships since you have go through a lot more damage.

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