Armor Guide: Mahan

The tier 7 United States Navy destroyer Mahan doesn’t have enough armor to protect it against other ships but it can be difficult for enemies to hit vital areas to cripple the Mahan in battle.  Since the Mahan is a destroyer it does not have a citadel like other ships but it still has a propulsion system, powder magazines, and a rudder/steering module.  Most importantly the Mahan has 3 torpedo launchers that if taken out greatly limit its combat effectiveness.  This World of Warships Mahan armor guide will provide all key areas to focus on and also breakdown the Mahan’s armor based on protection.

World of Warships Mahan Armor Guide


The Mahan’s armor thickness doesn’t vary much and overall it won’t affect the chances of your shells penetrating the ship since it ranges from 1mm to 21mm.  However, focusing on a specific section of the ship will greatly change the outcome of your engagement with an enemy Mahan.  I like to cut destroyers into three different sections.  The “front” being from the bow to the coning tower(red square in superstructure).  The “middle” being the center of the ship stretching from either end of the green area.  Finally the “rear” of the ship being from the end of the middle to the stern of the Mahan.  Focusing on a specific area comes with its own advantages and also disadvantages.

The “front” of the Mahan contains a powder magazine and also two of the main turrets it will be using to pepper you with rounds.  It however does not contain any modules to disrupt the Mahan’s movements or take out its torpedo launchers.  The “middle” of the Mahan houses the propulsion system and also all three torpedo launchers making it a great section for crippling a Mahan’s alpha strike and movement.  The downside being that you won’t have a chance to detonate the Mahan here or knock out any main turrets.  Finally the “rear” of the Mahan houses 2 more main turrets, another powder magazine, and also the steering/rudder.  This area is great at providing a chance of a detonation and also for limiting the Mahan’s dodging ability.  Overall each section has positive and negatives and focusing on the section that plays to your advantage will greatly increase your chances of coming out on top against a Mahan.

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