Armor Guide: Izumo

Sitting at tier 9 in the Japanese battleship line is the Izumo battleship which is a unique battleship design wise due to its turret layout.  The Izumo is a slow lumbering beast with a great deal of armor on its hull and main turrets that allow it to take a beating.  Where the Izumo falls short is with its deck armor that allows plunging fire or aerial attacks to cause a great deal of damage.  One saving grace for the Izumo is due to the unique turret layout all three main turrets are located towards the forward end of the ship giving the Izumo only one powder magazine.  This World of Warships Izumo armor guide breaks down the Izumo’s armor based on effective armor values and also based on citadel modules.

Depicted in the different views of the Izumo are values based off of the total thickness of multiple armor layers and their respective angles.  The totaled value is known as effective armor and is the value your shell actually needs to penetrate to do damage to the inner modules of the Izumo.  The outer most armor layer is always listed first and then each sequential layer until the inner most is reached.  Keep in mind that to do damage in World of Warships you only need to penetrate one layer of armor but this will only result in minimal damage.  For maximum/citadel damage to occur your shell must detonate inside the ship and hit a key(citadel) module.

World of Warships Izumo Armor Guide | Broadside |


The Izumo’s main strength is its armor on the hull that you encounter broadside since the important areas are armored very well.  Starting with the main turrets you find that the turret fronts are immune to virtually anything thrown at them and they will only be taken out if the weaker sides/rears are compromised.  The barbettes are a bit on the thin side for a tier 9 battleship with 356mm thick armor protecting them but they provide adequate protection except from point blank shots.

The critical main belt armor sits at 305mm thick which is the norm for many high tier battleships.  Above the waterline you will find a small sliver of citadel area that runs across the entire main belt area but 95% of the citadel sits below the waterline which helps prevent some citadel damage from taking place.  With the main belt above the waterline primarily being 305mm thick it does open up for moderate/heavy damage from taking place since the “main belt 1” area is only one layer of armor.  Lower starting at main belt 2 you encounter multiple layers of armor that up the protection since it covers the citadel area.  However, if you aim a bit lower than the waterline you have a chance at hitting the “main belt 3” area which is weak against other battleships and even some cruisers.  Since this area is very small and sits between two stronger areas it isn’t that reliable but nonetheless it still is there.

Outside of the main belt areas you don’t run into anything that atypical of a high tier battleship.  The aft end has a decent amount of armor across most of it to protect the steering from destroyers and some cruiser shells.  The main thing to remember is that the Izumo’s powder magazine is only in the forward end of the ship unlike other battleships that usually have one forward and aft of the superstructure.  Aiming a little further ahead of the Izumo than other battleships will assure you that you aren’t missing the critical powder magazine, propulsion, and citadel areas.

World of Warships Izumo Armor Guide | Head-on / Bulkhead |


Encountering an Izumo coming directly at you might seem intimidating since all three turrets are facing forward.  The downside for Izumo drivers is that only two can point head-on which leaves an Izumo with only 6 guns if they are slowly chasing down enemies.  Protection wise you will have a difficult time damage and Izumo for citadel damage/heavy damage from the front unless you aim for the lower bulkhead.  The lower bulkhead is only 102mm thick and if you can punch through the angled 32mm bow armor you are set to cause a lot of damage.  Until the Izumo module model is updated the citadel armor hit box also juts out past the lower bulkhead armor and allows you to cause citadel damage without penetrating the actual bulkhead.

World of Warships Izumo Armor Guide | Aerial |


The Achilles heel of the Izumo is its defenses from aerial attacks and plunging fire.  The thickest deck armor on the Izumo is 152mm which covers the powder magazine and secondary turrets.  Amidships’ thickest deck armor is only 127mm which doesn’t provide much protection from aerial attacks.  With the lack of additional layers in these key areas you find very weak total armor values before you reach the citadel unless the shell hits a main turret or the coning tower.  The saving grace is that with the unique design the Izumo’s chances of sustaining a hit to the powder magazine are less than other ships since it is located at the forward end of the ship.  The downside is being that the citadel still extends behind the powder magazine and is very susceptible to damage.

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