Armor Guide: Independence

The tier 6 United States Navy aircraft carrier Independence is based off of the Cleveland class cruiser.  Compared to the Langley and Bogue that come before the Independence the Independence actually has a chance of deflecting some, but not many, citadel hits. This World of Warships Independence armor guide breaks down the Independence’s armor based on effective armor values and also based on citadel modules.

Depicted in the view of the Independence are values based off of the total thickness of multiple armor layers and their respective angles.  The totaled value is known as effective armor and is the value your shell actually needs to penetrate to do damage to the inner modules of the Izumo.  The outer most armor layer is always listed first and then each sequential layer until the inner most is reached.  Keep in mind that to do damage in World of Warships you only need to penetrate one layer of armor but this will only result in minimal damage.  For maximum/citadel damage to occur your shell must detonate inside the ship and hit a key(citadel) module.

World of Warships Independence Armor Guide


Being an aircraft carrier the Independence doesn’t have as many modules as say a battleship to damage and knock out.  The Independence consists mainly of the citadel area that houses the propulsion system and the rear steering gear.  Other modules such as the flight deck, hanger, bow, and stern aren’t worth aiming at aside from dealing damage to them through high-explosive shells to avoid over-penetrating with armor piercing rounds.  The rear steering gear is very small and difficult to hit but if you do so you will make the speedy independence much easier to destroy without it weaving left and right.

Moving onto the most important area on the Independence you have several different citadel armor levels.  The “citadel 1” area is a small sliver of 127mm thick hull armor that pokes above the waterline and the section below the waterline gains an additional 21mm protection due to an anti-torpedo bulge.  The way the citadel zone is structured it follows the 127mm thick strip and then drops deeper below the waterline just ahead of the coning tower.  If you are looking to cause citadel damage you want your rounds to hit starting at the coning tower and no further than just behind the two rear exhaust stacks.  The sweet spot is anywhere between the four exhaust stacks for the propulsion system since you not only will cause citadel damage but you also have a chance at destroying the propulsion system.

In the grand scheme of things the Independence is still a very poorly armored ship but it does a decent job at protecting its citadel area.  Most of this protection comes from the citadel being 95% below the waterline and also with it not running along a large amount of the ship.

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