Armor Guide: Montana

The tier 10 United States Navy battleship Montana’s armor much like the tier 10 Japanese battle Yamato has excellent armor protection.  Both ships are comparable as far as armor values go but the Montana falls short primarily to the Yamato being able to overmatch its bow/stern armor(due to the Yamato’s larger caliber guns) and thus […]

Ship Guide: Atago

The tier 8 premium Japanese heavy cruiser Atago embodies how most high tier Japanese cruisers play and makes a very premium ship in that it doesn’t change what works.  The Atago has 10 main guns which allow it dish out a ton of damage with high-explosive shells at range and they have enough oomph behind […]

Ship Guide: Fuso

The mighty Fuso Japanse battleshi with its glorious 12 main guns terrorizes tier 6 once fully upgraded.  The Fuso focuses on sheer firepower at the cost of deck armor, concealment, and maneuverability and prepares you for the tier 7 Japanese battleship Nagato.  Since the Fuso’s strength is its raw firepower and to an extent its […]

Ship Guide: Bogue

The Bogue clearer of skies and scorcher of ships…..wait what?  The tier 5 United States Navy air craft carrier Bogue has a bad reputation and you will almost never hear any praise for it.  The negativity that surrounds the Bogue is that it is not capable of delivering  a lot of damage to enemy ships […]

World of Warships 0.5.3 Captain Skill Changes

Here’s an update on the World of Warships 0.5.3 captain skill changes that are on the public test server currently.  There are four new captain skills to choose from and there was also re-balancing of some previous captain skills.  With these World of Warships 0.5.3 captain skill changes about to change the game drastically for every ship […]

Armor Guide: Independence

The tier 6 United States Navy aircraft carrier Independence is based off of the Cleveland class cruiser.  Compared to the Langley and Bogue that come before the Independence the Independence actually has a chance of deflecting some, but not many, citadel hits. This World of Warships Independence armor guide breaks down the Independence’s armor based on […]

Armor Guide: Nagato

The Japanese battleship Nagato sits at tier 7 in the Japanese battleship line and it continues the trend of durable battleships that have excellent armor covering most of the ship.  Unlike the Kongo and Amagi the Nagato is not a fast battleship and instead focuses on brute armor protection to keep it alive as it […]

Armor Guide: Izumo

Sitting at tier 9 in the Japanese battleship line is the Izumo battleship which is a unique battleship design wise due to its turret layout.  The Izumo is a slow lumbering beast with a great deal of armor on its hull and main turrets that allow it to take a beating.  Where the Izumo falls […]

Armor Guide: Mikasa

In World of Warships the Japanese battleship Mikasa is currently the only tier 2 battleship released able to play.  Being the only tier 2 battleship when it is the top tier it is undoubtedly the hardest ship to sink in the match due to its HP, armor thickness, and battleship heal ability.  Although the Mikasa […]

Armor Guide: Yamato

The tier 10 behemoth battleship Yamato sits a top of the Japanese battleship line in World of Warships.  The Yamato currently has the best overall armor in World of Warships when it comes sheer thickness and also the overall armor scheme.  This World of Warships Yamato armor guide will break down the Yamato’s armor based […]

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