Settlers of Catan Board: Fisherman’s Strait

This Settlers of Catan Traders and Barbarians setup “Fisherman’s Strait” requires the standard Settlers of Catan version, Seafarers expansion, Traders & Barbarians, and the 5 & 6 player expansion for each game.  Although the board requires the expansions it is designed for 3 to 5 players since there is limited land hexes to begin on and with 6 players the board will feel very cramped.  Fisherman’s Straight sees players star the game on the center landmass which is surrounded by many fishing locations as well as two lakes for fishing.

The islands on the outer edges of the map contain gold and provide excellent expansion options and ports to get to.  The two desert islands can be used to place chits on(for victory points) or to place a random stack of resource cards and/or development/progress cards on.  If you do not want to go that route you can replace the desert hexes with additional land hexes since you will have leftover land hexes from the 5 & 6 player expansions and will also make the game better if you decide to play with 6 players.  This board is designed to promote expanding out the the other islands since the center landmass where players start is very narrow which will limit expansion.

Full Board View


Additional Board Views





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