Settlers of Catan Board: Divided Tribes

This Settlers of Catan board setup “Divided Tribes” requires the base Settlers of Catan game, Traders & Barbarians, Seafarers, and shown in the picture Cities & Knights is included.  You will also need the 5 and 6 player expansions for each add-on required or else there will not be enough pieces to complete the board.  This board setup is called “Divided Tribes” since the board is separated by a narrow sea in the center of the board creating two main landmasses.  Each side is balanced equally and contains many fishing locations along the edges and via the lake hex.

The gold islands in the center contain valuable number tokens and also have 3 chits on each hex that reward those who settle on that gold hex.  Each time a settlement is built(and also when upgraded to a city) the player involved claims one of the chits if there are any remaining on that specific gold hex. Chits can be used to claim any development card(if using Cities & Knights) or progress card without Cities & Knights.  The board is designed in a way where expansion is channeled towards the center of the board as the match progresses but at the same time sticking towards either end of the board provides enough to potentially win if you play your cards correctly.

Settlers of Catan Board “Divided Tribes” Full View


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