Settlers of Catan Board: Race to Cities of Gold

This Settlers of Catan board setup called “Race to Cities of Gold” requires the 3-4 player Settlers of Catan version, along with the 3-4 player Seafarers expansion.  The board is setup to allow players to have access to every resource except for ore in the starting areas around the outer edge of the map.  Players are not allowed to start in the center of the map.  The premise behind this Settlers board is making ore scarce until players reach the center and until then building cities and buying development cards will be very difficult.  Starting out players can place their settlements to focus on maximum income or can place a settlement along the coast to allow them to expand to the center early on.

This map can be challenging and will either sink players who neglect the center or reward others greatly for reaching the middle.  Trade will be crucial if you expand to the center early on and lack other resources such as sheep, wheat, wood, and brick.  On the other hand trade will be very important for those who are late expanding to the center and need ore to expand to cities.

Full Board View


Additional Board Views





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