Settlers of Catan Board: Mainland

This Settlers of Catan board setup requires Settlers of Catan/Seafarers/Cities & Knights as well as the expansions for 5 & 6 players to set up.  The board features a center mainland where players will start and where most of the game will take place.  Gold is located in each of the four corners and provides players an option to expand out from the mainland if they become locked out of the center of the board.

Resources and number tiles are distributed so that there is no “best” starting point and everyone is on an equal footing to begin the game.  Either start out on the coast and make your way to gold deposits or duke it out in the center landmass to gain control of the bulk of the resources.  If you want to make expanding out into the sea more exciting you can add bonus resource cards to the center squares that can be obtained if you build ships to them.

Full Board


Southeast Section


Southwest Section


Northwest Section


Northeast Section


Full Board


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