Settlers of Catan Board: Landlocked Sea

This Settlers of Catan seafarers board setup “Landlocked Sea” requires the standard Settlers of Catan version, Seafarers expansion, and the 5 & 6 player expansions for each version.  This board also can work with Cities & Knights as long as you have the 5 & 6 player expansion since it is designed for 5 & 6 players.  Landlocked Sea features a large sea in the center of the board that constrains the land on both sides and limits the amount of 3 hex settlement locations to start the game with.  Although Landlocked Sea looks cramped it does a great job at spacing players out since the land is in a circular shape which prevents a large mass of players from being on top of each other.

Gold hexes are located in the center sea and also on the outer edges of the map to provide easy expansion for those looking to add a variable to their resource income.  The gold hexes in the central sea have worse number tokens than the outer gold hexes.  You can add either chits(for victory points) or that can be used to trade in for a random development/progress card when a player settles on a gold hex to add more incentive to expand to the gold hexes to spice things up.

Full Board View


Additional Board Views




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