Settlers of Catan Board: Harmony

This Settlers of Catan board setup “Harmony” requires the standard Settlers of Catan 3-4 player version and does not require any expansions.  The board setup is called Harmony since the resources are distributed in a way to provide different strategy options and equal starting locations for up to 4 players.  Each player will have a great spot to begin at that isn’t inferior to someone placing a settlement before you and each starting location favors a certain strategy to go along with it.

You might choose to pick a location favoring ore/wheat, or possibly sheep/wood, or try to gobble up the best wheat locations on the board.  The one resource that will be scarce is brick since there are only three brick hexes and all three have below average rolled numbers.  This will limit early expansion for the first few turns and will promote trading with the bank and other players who have excess brick.

Full Board View


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