Settlers of Catan Board: Golden Isles

Golden Isles is a Settlers of Catan board setup that requires the Seafarers, Cities & Knights, and the 5 & 6 player expansions.  Gold Isles features a large landmass in the center of the board that features several great starting spots but further expansions might prove difficult with the lack of excellent areas to expand on the mainland.  The isles(or islands) on the outer edges of the map are easy to expand to and contain gold hexes with several good number tokens on them.

If you do not like the unbalanced nature of the number tokens of the mainland you can switch them up to create a more balanced board which doesn’t have several areas with bad number tokens on them.  The reason they were setup this way was to give the player going first a couple good spots to choose from and also later on in the game it is important to expand out to the gold hexes for every player.

Full Board View


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