Settlers of Catan Board: Fish Abundance

This Settlers of Catan board setup “Fish Abundance” requires the standard Settlers of Catan version, Seafarers expansion, Traders & Barbarians expansion, as well as the 5 and 6 player expansions.  Cities & Knights can also be added to this board as the number tokens were taken into account for the importance placed on sheep/ore in Cities & Knights.

Fish Abundance is a board setup that can work with 4 players if you desire a quick and non-cramped game but it can also accommodate 5-6 players since it uses some expansion pieces.  The board is not the regular size of the full 5-6 player board with Seafarers since there is one long border piece taken out.  Keep this in mind when setting up so it doesn’t get confusing.  Fish Abundance has a large mainland with two lakes, and plenty of fish surrounding it.  Gold tiles are in each of the four corners of the board and have good number tokens, while also being very accessible.  I apologize for the slight blurriness of the pictures since the place where I took the photos was very dark and my camera wouldn’t focus.

Full Board View


Additional Board Views




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