Settlers of Catan Board: East Meets West

East Meets West is a Settlers of Catan board that requires the Seafarers/Cities & Knights expansions as well as the 5 & 6 player expansions for all three Settlers variants.  The board is split into eastern and western continents with a large body of water in the center of the board.  In the central sea there are four gold hexes that contain 5’s and 9’s to provide a great place to sail to once the main landmasses become cramp.

Additional changes can be added to this board by adding chits and random resource/progress cards to the center gold hexes if you want to change things up.  Another option is to start the pirate ship out on a sea hex adjacent to one of the innermost gold hexes and then each turn the robber moves clockwise in a figure-eight motion.

Full Board View


Additional Views





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