Catan Board: Delaware Bay

In the Northeastern part of the United States is the Delaware Bay that sits between New Jersey and Delaware.  This board is based off of the shape of the Delaware Bay and also draws from the local areas to influence the hex places on the map.  Game balance does mean that some hexes might not make complete sense, but in general hex placement is based off of forests, farmland, cities, etc.  This Catan board Delaware Bay requires the 5/6 player expansions for the base Catan game and Seafarers.  There is also two additional variations to this Catan board at the bottom that incorporate fishing or trading from the Traders and Barbarians expansion.  Due to the gold hexes being placed on the main playing field players can start their initial settlements on these hexes which is why the numbers are balanced to not make gold break the balance of the Catan board.

Catan Board Delaware Bay


Catan Board Delaware Bay Additional Views


Traders and Barbarians Variation (Fishing)

Since the Delaware Bay and New Jersey coast is well known for its fishing industry it is fitting to incorporate the Traders and Barbarian version that introduces fishing.  With the addition of fish along the coast it provides several additional places for settlements to be built early on or at the beginning.  The two lakes do not fit geographically on the map and can either be placed where you see them on this Catan board or you can leave them off.



Traders and Barbarians Variation (Trading)

The difference between this board setup and the non-trading version is that the two oasis hexes are added where trading routes begin.  Simple remove the hexes that were previous there and replace them with the oasis hexes.  This Catan board setup makes it intriguing if a player can monopolize the smaller sliver of land(Deleware) and can utilize the trading routes(Camels) to rack up a lot of victory points.



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