Catan Board: Archipelago

This Settlers of Catan board titled “Archipelago” is a 5-6 player Catan board that features a fractured board with many small “islands” that players start on.  The expansion for Seafarers and the 5-6 player expansions are required to have enough hexes to create this board.  While there are no true islands on this map the term archipelago is fitting since players are required to begin on one of the eight three hex and/or two additional 2 hex “islands” around the edge of the board.  From here players settle and expand towards the center of the board to fight to control the central gold hexes.  Each of the starting hex islands is balanced to force players to start on multiple islands or else they will be without two key resources.

One easy to change variation of this map sees you remove the desert hexes on the map excluding the center most desert hex.  Replace them(or turn them over) to water hexes to create a true archipelago.  Also replace the brick hex in the center(with the 2 on it) with another desert hex.  This board is more suitable to 4 or 5 players if you are not playing with 6 players and forces players to utilize ships more.

Catan Board Archipelago


Additional Views of Catan Board Archipelago




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