Catan Board: Delaware Bay

In the Northeastern part of the United States is the Delaware Bay that sits between New Jersey and Delaware.  This board is based off of the shape of the Delaware Bay and also draws from the local areas to influence the hex places on the map.  Game balance does mean that some hexes might not […]

Catan Board: Archipelago

This Settlers of Catan board titled “Archipelago” is a 5-6 player Catan board that features a fractured board with many small “islands” that players start on.  The expansion for Seafarers and the 5-6 player expansions are required to have enough hexes to create this board.  While there are no true islands on this map the […]

Settlers of Catan Board: Divided Tribes

This Settlers of Catan board setup “Divided Tribes” requires the base Settlers of Catan game, Traders & Barbarians, Seafarers, and shown in the picture Cities & Knights is included.  You will also need the 5 and 6 player expansions for each add-on required or else there will not be enough pieces to complete the board. […]

Settlers of Catan Board: Fish Abundance

This Settlers of Catan board setup “Fish Abundance” requires the standard Settlers of Catan version, Seafarers expansion, Traders & Barbarians expansion, as well as the 5 and 6 player expansions.  Cities & Knights can also be added to this board as the number tokens were taken into account for the importance placed on sheep/ore in […]

Settlers of Catan Board: Wheat Shortage

This Settlers of Catan board setup called “Wheat Shortage” requires the 3-4 player Settlers of Catan version and also the 5 & 6 player expansion.  The board has several groups of two of the same resource being adjacent to each other and the number tokens are distributed to provide plenty of each resource except for […]

Settlers of Catan Board: Mountain Range

This Settlers of Catan board setup called “Mountain Range” requires the 3-4 Settlers of Catan version and does not require any additional expansions.  Mountain Range is dominated by a diagonal range of ore hexes in the center of the board that have average number tokens on them.  Around the outer edges of the map are […]

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