Pardon the Appearance

For those of you just finding the website because of World of Warships, Settlers of Catan, and/or WoT Guru I am glad to announce that I will be covering more than just World of Tanks.  WoT Guru will still be updated with new content for World of Tanks and nothing will change as far as WoT Guru is operated.  The difference now is that Menz Gaming will be the host for any game outside of World of Tanks for any guides, tips, videos, and other content I cover.  For now the website is a bit bare since it will take a good amount of time to populate it with enough content to catch up to WoT Guru.

The way things will work here is very simple.  This main website “hub” will contain news, updates, and other information not tied to a specific game like World of Warships/Settlers of Catan.  This hub is essentially the homepage and hub of every other section on Menz Gaming.  You can find guides and articles on specific games on their respective websites so that you can follow any game you are interested in or ignore any content you wish to not see.  Each game’s corner of the website is separate from others with its own unique url you can find below or in the main menu bar at the top of the page.

World of Warships:

Settlers of Catan:

The reason for this move to a new website is that I didn’t want to change WoT Guru drastically to include games outside of World of Tanks.  Doing so would require me to take down the website for at least a full day and to set it back up to allow me to compartmentalize each game.  So here I am taking a gamble on a completely new website that will hopefully allow me to provide content you enjoy while also making the process easier for me.

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