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Dreadnought Live Stream 03/27/2017

Quick 1 hour Dreadnought live stream.  Currently working on getting more than just 1 tier 3 ship.  Dreadnought is a free to play PC game which also will be releasing on PS4 in the near future.  Currently Dreadnought is in open Beta on PC and is well worth giving a try.

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Dreadnought Live Stream

Here’s a first look at the game Dreadnought that will be releasing on PC and PS4 in the near future.  8 v 8 spaceship combat in a format similar to World of Tanks/Warships sounds fun doesn’t it?  Currently it is in closed beta but will be entering open beta very soon.

Pardon the Appearance

For those of you just finding the website because of World of Warships, Settlers of Catan, and/or WoT Guru I am glad to announce that I will be covering more than just World of Tanks.  WoT Guru will still be updated with new content for World of Tanks and nothing will change as far as […]

Introducing Menz Gaming

For those of you who know me from World of Tanks and my website you are familiar with my goals of providing people with honest views of a game and also great detailed guides helping players learn a game.  Menz Gaming will host content for games not related to World of Tanks(which is what WoT […]

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